• Austin Campbell

The Importance of Soil

Healthy soil directly correlates with a healthy tree. Healthy soil? One might ask what that means. It may be a shock to discover that soil is, in fact, a living organism. There is an ecosystem above the soil as well as one below. These two ecosystems have tremendous effects on one another. The underground ecosystem has many contributions that the soil organisms benefit from, such as a plethora of organisms that breakdown organic matter for the tree. It is important to understand the relationship between organisms and trees and how they impact each other. One example of a symbiotic relationship between a tree and living soil organisms is Amanita Muscaria. Amanita Muscaria is a fungus gathered in the soil around the roots of a tree. They gather at the roots when a tree carries out photosynthesis which creates too many sugars. Therefore, some are sent out through the roots for the fungi to enjoy. In layman's terms, this is how the tree benefits from the fungi. Again, this is a symbiotic relationship which means they both benefit each other. The tree benefits from the fungi by aiding in the absorption of water and dissolved nutrients. The mutually beneficial relationship between fungi and trees is a prime example of why healthy soil is an essential part of the trees growth. This does nothing but promote the importance of soil.


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