• Austin Campbell

Made For More

Flooding happens when natural water courses do not have the capacity to carry the excess rainwater and run off. Geography plays a factor in flood risk as well. By planting trees along these Natural water courses we can drastically reduce the risk of flooding. We could set up an eco-engineering system. This would determine where trees were to be planted and what areas have the highest flood risk without trees. One of the ways we have tried to contain water and flooding is dams. They are efficient but not very cost effective nor natural. If we plant more trees in the high flood-risk areas the trees would help absorb the excess water for growth. The surface roots of the tree create roughness on the ground causing the runoff water to take longer to get into the stream because of the things and it's way. The roots also create pores in the soil by pushing through it and creating space for water to sit instead of runoff into a stream. This water is later utilized by trees and plants. Water also erodes the soil away and makes the water dirty trees roots would hang on to the soil and reduce erosion, further reducing flood risk. Trees were made to be more than just a lawn ornament.

If you are a visual person check out this video:


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