• Austin Campbell

Kill Two Birds

There are two major problems in the urban environments of America. These problems include the urban island heat effect and air pollution. These problems aren't talked about often but they are in fact very serious. If we don't fix these problems now they'd have the potential to threaten not only human lives but they will threaten the lives of all inhabitants of Earth. The urban Island heat effect is, simply presented, when the Sun's heat radiation heats up the asphalt and concrete all throughout the day then, when the air is supposed to cool off at night it can’t because the asphalt and concrete radiate the heat throughout the night. The air pollution in cities is caused by excess carbon in the atmosphere. This already has huge health impacts on those who live in large cities it can affect their lungs (due to the lack of trees to catch dust) and heart and even causes children and the elderly to develop asthma. These two issues work together, the excess carbon in our atmosphere causes more heat to be trapped. We can fix both of these issues with trees. We can plant more trees in urban environments and provide shade throughout the day that would fix the urban Island heat effect. Trees can also fix the excess carbon in our atmosphere. Trees require the intake of carbon from the atmosphere for photosynthesis and growth. We would no longer have to wonder if the future generations would have clean oxygen to breathe.

By planting more trees we could fix both of these problems with 1 solution, as the saying goes kill 2 Birds with one stone.

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