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How Trees Can Maximize The Value Of Property

For some, trees are just stunning structures of nature's beauty, but for others they are among the numerous ways to add value to property. These types of people, such as property owners and real estate investors, view trees as dollar signs. According to Pat Vredevogd Combs, the President of The National Association of Realtors, says healthy and mature trees can increase the value of a property from 7 to 19 percent. You may be wondering how those numbers translate into the real value of a property. Well, the average cost of a home in the U.S. is $226,800. So, if you take 19% of $226,800 it gives you $43,092. In accordance, this means you can potentially make a $40,000+ difference in the value of your property solely based off the trees alone. The trees on your property could determine whether you get the asking price of your home, and have less potential of being disappointed by the prices buyers are offering. You should always regularly evaluate the soil, (Refer to the blog: "The Importance of Soil") the bark, and the canopy of a tree to ensure that the trees on your property are healthy and beneficial to the property. Formerly, you can then list the property and the tree(s) will do nothing but add value the your property.

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