• Austin Campbell

How does the cold affect humans

Humans are not physically equipped to handle the cold naturally. It may come as a surprise that even quite mild temperatures can cause detrimental damage to the body, without clothing humans are only capable of living in cold temperature zones because of behavioral adaptations such as ; dressing in proper clothing and building adequate shelter. The cold is extremely deleterious to the body because humans are adapted to tropical temperature zones.Normal core body temperature is 98.6F. At 96.8 you begin feeling very cold and shivering and by 95F you start to go “numb” and your skin may have a blue/gray tinge. The range of core body temperature that we can function properly at is very slim.As the cold sets in the body diverts the blood from the surface of the skin and the extremities in accordance with the temperature.This process allows the core and the most crucial parts of the body warm the longest.Successful adaption to the cold temperatures requires converting food into heat and retaining that heat with clothing and shelter. Wedo have a few natural protections against the cold such as the psychological responses like shivering and the diversion of blood.If the blood is diverted for too long or if it is too cold this can lead to frostbite or loss of body parts.In short bundle up and stay warm and safe.

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