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How Do Trees Grow?

How Do Trees Grow?

Tons of people I know think that trees grow from the ground up,and when people tell me this I usually giggle.That is simply a misconception about how trees grow and unfortunately in school we were just told they grow not specifically how they grow.Trees have 3 different types of meristematic tissues,just like stem cells in human babies these are forever young constantly dividing cells.This cellular division is what we call growth.Where this process occurs is referred to as the meristems of the tree and there are 3 of them(listed in the diagram below).Trees grow from the tip they just keep extending,same with the root system they grow from the tip the cells divide causing pressure and allowing the roots to push through the soil.Trees don’t only grow longer they also need to grow wider and have good growth between the nodes of the tree to support it and have a good structure.The apical meristem is the reason for the tree growing longer.If a tree only grew longer and not thicker it would reach a certain point where it would have no structural support and just snap.This is where the other 2 meristematic tissues come into play.The lateral meristem is responsible for the outward growth aka the tree acquiring more girth.The intercalary meristem is the reason the tree can gain girth in between the nodes of a branch.Hope you enjoyed learning how trees grow if you have anymore questions feel free to contact us.All contact info is posted at the bottom left of the contact us page.

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