• Austin Campbell

Effects of Topping Out a Tree

There is a very serious problem I see in almost every neighborhood we go into.That problem is people topping out their trees because they are getting “too tall” for the area they had been planted in.The results are nothing but injurious to the tree and it ensures problems down the road for the homeowner.First we need to know that full healthy trees have a very limited amount of resources to continue to grow,fight disease,etc… So the first and main problem with topping out a tree is that you remove most of the foliage, that is what the tree uses to produce its already limited resources.You also expose the entire cross section of the stem to disease and by depleting the tree of foliage you are taking away the resources it could use to fight disease and giving the disease an advantage it would have not had.When you remove the all the shoot you are removing the apical meristem of the tree.The apical meristem controls the growth regulators so when you remove that you create an imbalance.This leads to the tree rotting in the middle and the tree will sense the crisis.These thing lead to a proliferation of poorly tapered,weakly attached shoots that will bend at the point of attachment instead of flex to absorb forces this grantees the shoots will snap off and cause more problem and potentially damage homes,cars, and businesses.My hope is that this will stop someone from topping their trees out just to have them cause more trouble.There are plenty of other safe and effect pruning methods.

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