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5 Beautiful Native Trees of Missouri

5 Beautiful Native Trees of Missouri

Red maple

This very common yard and street tree can tolerate many kinds of soil and is well draining and does well in slightly acidic conditions. It grows quickly and the orange to red fall transition is guaranteed and stunning.


This is a large tree you will often see in urban areas because it has a high tolerance to the stressors there. Large white flower clusters are attractive and followed by long and hanging seed pods.

Fringe tree

This gorgeous little tree has delicate ribbon-like petals that hang at the end of stout branches. This tree can be grown in a variety of soils, even clay like soil. Does well in urban environments. Will not do well in areas with prolonged drought.

Black Cherry

This tree is the most widespread of these trees and one of the most widespread trees in Missouri all together. This is a large tree that can reach a height of 80`. In the late spring it produces small white flowers and little red fruits. The wood has high commercial value.


This tree is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. It is tolerant to drought and most soil compositions. This tree requires small amounts of full sun so it would be a wonderful tree right outside a window. It would provide shade in the summer and spring and beautiful leaves in the fall.

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